What Would JoJo Want In Her Stoking ?


Preciosuras feliz viernes que emoción!! Lo he dicho en otro blog no le encuentro mucho sentido a christmas stocking pero supongamos que alguien me quisiera regalar un stocking, que es lo deberían considerar e incluir in mi stocking.


To be honest I don’t have specific stuff to ask for such as makeup, electronic device etc. What JoJo would like to be included in her stocking would be stuff that have sentimental value. Example a picture I didn’t even know existed with someone who means a lot to me. A scrapbook full of pictures of a special event. Something that belonged to someone I really loved and might not be here anymore. You get the idea right?


Being more generic, during this holiday time getting random materialistic stuff isn’t everything, or I should say, what I mainly look forward to. I value and cheers more a gift that has a sentimental value to it and would prefer receiving that instead of getting a computer that could cost $3,000 or a camera that could cost $1,500.


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