A Love Letter to Coffee


We’ve been together a very long time. My beautiful mother brought us together… she knew we would be a perfect match. And I am forever grateful to her.

The morning we met, I knew it was forever. You’re hot, dark, a little sweet and a little bitter—sometimes a little nutty. The perfect balance that brings my senses to life. The way you smell instantly elevates my mood. You simply make me happy.

You’re there for me morning, noon, and night without questions or expectations. With you in my life, I’m more productive and see life in a much more positive light. I’m patient and nice. You bring out the best in me—you make me a better person.

And though tea has occasionally played a small role in my life, it doesn’t even touch the surface of your significance and what we’ve been through together. My love for you is enduring and unwavering… everlasting.

Te amo mi cafecito. Hoy, mañana y siempre.