California Dreaming 

Always wonderful returning home to see friends and family. But there’s nothing like being able to provide for one’s family, and knowing that you have a secure job to be able to do that. Have you ever had to make a decision as to what’s gonna be the outcome for your future? I made the sacrifice of moving out here to Salt Lake City not to be away from my family and loved one’s but to be able to provide and give a good future to my kids. Maybe someday I’ll move back. Who knows? But for now… This is where I feel I need to be. I do miss Jack in The Box, Tommy’s, King Taco…lol All the food over there, But hey… sacrifices need to be made. That’s why when I go out there it makes it that much more special when I get to visit those places. What I’m trying to get at is… Think wisely about the decisions you make when it comes to your future. Make sure they are wise and well thought out. Don’t make drastic moves if they aren’t necessary. Till next time.