Diversify Your Circle

In my efforts to keep spreading the love, I’ve been pondering over which things help me be a better person and which have the opposite effect. And one positive thing I have going, is that I have a some really good people in my life…

I have a close group of friends that is very unique and diverse. We all have different backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual preferences, and our ages range from 26-43. So, when we get together our conversations are very interesting, to say the least. I not only really enjoy them, I learn a lot from them. And I realized why.

The diversity in the group is what makes it great! I hear different perspectives and opinions. I learn how the same issue or topic, can affect each of us in a different way. Without these differences in the group I might otherwise, not see or hear this.

We all do it… let our egos get in the way. We think our view, or our way is the right way. We forget the world doesn’t solely revolve around us. You gain a better understanding of people by exposing yourself to different points of view and experiences, instead of quickly passing judgement based on hearsay or stereotypes.

Most of us are afraid of the unknown. A lot of negative things can be interpreted or presumed when we are unfamiliar with something. Surround yourself with different people and unfamiliar things. I promise you, it’ll open your mind and your eyes, and make you a better person.

The world would be a better place if we could respect one another and accept that we are all different, with different views, opinions, and ambitions. That it’s okay. How boring would it be if we were all the same?

In the end, remember that we do have a lot in common. We are all human beings, ultimately looking for the same thing—love and happiness.

Amor y Paz
Love and Peace