The most important thing I have learned since beginning my career as a dj. Is to never give up. People are always going to doubt you. As long as you believe in yourself, and have a great working and learning ethic there is no limit to how far you can go. Now a day’s dj’ing is much easier then in the past. Technology is an incredible tool that you can use to your advantage. A lot of dj’s start out are using non – standard programs such as idjay, Virtual dj, and others just to name few. If your thinking of pursuing a career as a dj. Sooner then later it would be a good idea to switch over to Serato Dj, Rekord Box, or Tractor. These are the industry standard programs for dj’s. I recommend getting used to these programs. Some of these programs you have to purchase. But like Serato, some offer trials and also “intro” programs free of cost.

Next up, Equipment! If your using a controller, media players (such as CDJ’s) or keeping it old school with turntables. I do recommend getting used to all 3. Media players, and turntables are the standard for dj’ing. But controllers do make things easier. For example as a mobile dj, controllers might be a better fit for you. Like the term “less is more” controllers offer more options then standard media players or turntables. There is many options when it comes to equipment. But my favorite is Pioneer. Pioneer sets the bar when it comes to equipment. Easy to use, durable, and come with a variety of equipment to jumpstart your dj career. When looking for equipment also take note of what software is compatible with your gear. Some equipment comes with program bundles. For example the pioneer DDJ – S series comes Serato and virtual dj compatibility. While the DDJ – R series comes with Rekord box compatibility.

Computer or USB’s? My personal preference is a computer! Main reason? I feel like I have more control. I’m more of a visual type of person. I like to up close and personal when it comes to dj’ing. But it’s also a good idea to carry a USB filled with music or a back up of your library. Worst case scenario your laptop crashes you have a USB as back up. In a live club or performance setting things are bound to happen. Always be prepared with a back up USB or hard drive to keep the party going!

Extras!! I can’t stress enough! Always have extra cables! USB cables, power cables, chargers etc.… It never seems to fail! Dj’ing mobile events or even club gigs, things sometimes get lost or misplaced. Always keep extras; you don’t want to be in a situation where not having an extra piece of equipment limits you to not being able to perform.
These are just some basic tips if you are starting out to dj, or are looking to get into dj’ing. Always expect the unexpected! Until next time guys!