Alerta del tiempo


This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Boise, Idaho for the first time!

I have been talking to the owner of El Tenampa, a Mexican restaurant/nightclub for the past couple weeks. And we agreed on a booking for February 23rd. The owner hosts a Latin night at the restaurant once a month. Had the chance to network with some local dj’s. And also try the amazing food the restaurant had to offer!

Also in town that same weekend was my good friend Dj Bangarang form U92.

Got the chance to hang out with Bangarang, and take in the scenery.

After we had a couple drinks to start off the night I went straight to the restaurant. I arrived around 11pm via Uber, and outside the was a line wrapping around the venue.

I got inside and was super excited to rock out, and catch a vibe with the people of Boise. They had some really dope production and lighting! Not to mention the sound system sounded incredible!

Boise definitely knows how to party! Had an amazing time. After the show I met with some fans that listen to me on the morning mix. And say they tune in daily streaming the radio station on our website.

Owner was happy and we are already negotiating on another date in the near future! Super excited to come back to Idaho and looking forward to building a relationship with the owner and the people of Boise!


Until next time! Dirty Dave….. Signing off!

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