Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Land Rover Range Rover Sport, elegant, powerful and competent.
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By: Roger Rivero

The Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2019 presents a compelling alternative for those who want
their older brother, the Range Rover, but who want to avoid its high price. After all, the Range
Rover Sport offers many of the same capabilities and technology as the Range Rover. But, although ”
affordable” It is not exactly how we would describe this SUV, it is undoubtedly elegant, powerful and

The Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2019, debuts a new plug-in hybrid model with a range of 31
miles only to electricity. A new “Wade Sensing” feature helps determine
water depth when crossing flooded roads or streams, and Range Rover
Sport driver assistance systems are updated to include adaptive cruise control with steering assistance.

From the outside
This luxury SUV shares the familiar look that genetically invades the Rover family. Show the
same lines, angles and LED lights as the larger Range Rover. The impression it causes is solid with
its darkened roof pillars, thick grid and smoothed surfaces, but, above all, with the
sloping line of the ceiling and the short cut tail that marks its departure from the aesthetics of the Range Rover. This is a
colorful SUV, easily recognized on the street and automatically associated with a certain “status”, and
when you buy a Land Rover, you are not only buying a vehicle, you are also buying a
certain lifestyle.

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The cabin is still an exhibition of comfort and refinement. It incorporates the info-
entertainment system with double touch screen, also adopted by the elegant Velar and the Range Rover.
In addition to those vast touch-sensitive surfaces, the Sport upholsters almost all cabin surfaces
with flexible leather and toned wood, lending an old-world cloak to what would otherwise be
a modern and elegant cabin. The front seats are comfortable and of excellent support, and the
second row has enough space to transport adults comfortably, especially without being just
two. The third row seats that can be added have been ordered, they are narrow and it is better
leave them to children, but even the little ones can feel too confined on
long trips .

Equipment and safety
All Range Rover Sport come with the equipment we expect from a luxury car, and also, why
not, from most conventional cars. This equipment includes automatic emergency braking,
as well as adaptive cruise control, lane change warnings and an excellent
rear view camera. The most advanced features such as high-speed automatic braking,
lane maintenance assistance , adaptive cruise control, 360-degree camera with
parking sensors , parallel and perpendicular parking assistance among others, bring
associated additional cost .

Land Rover’s “InControl Touch Pro Duo” information and entertainment system offers two
screens: one for radio, navigation and media, and a second one mounted below for climate control,
driving modes and vehicle settings. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included.

On the road
The power train options of this car are varied, four in total. The SE, HSE and HSE
Dynamic versions use a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 engine with varying powers depending on the setting,
while the SE Td6 and HSE Td6 versions feature a turbocharged 3.0-liter diesel V6 engine
. The high-end equipment levels (Supercharged Dynamic, Autobiography and SVR)
employ a 5.0-liter V8 engine.
A more efficient version also makes its way into the Range Rover Sport range this year. The new Land
Rover Range Rover Sport P400E, uses a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine with an
electric motor , which combined generate a total of 398 horsepower.
We tested an HSE model with 355 horses, which, without being one of the most powerful in the lineup,
to our surprise delivers excellent displacement in the snatch – after exceeding the “turbo
lag” – and ability to pass on the highway.
Leave the city limits and the Range Rover Sport reveals your trump card: excellent
off-road skills . The “Terrain Response” all-wheel drive system is simply phenomenal.

At the gas station
Powerful engines are rarely efficient and this is no exception. The supercharged V6 version
like our test averages 19 miles per gallon in combined driving while the
largest V8 engine drops to 16. With the diesel engine the Range Rover achieves 24 miles per gallon. So
far there are no consumption figures of the new hybrid version.

To choose
Land Rover offers the Rover Sport 2019 in six trim levels: SE, HSE, HSE Dynamic,
Supercharged Dynamic, Autobiography Dynamic and SVR. Land Rover offers many packages and options
throughout the line, so you won’t have to go to the high-end SVR or dynamic settings to
get the most features available. However, you will have to move to higher versions
to get more power engines. The basic SE model brings an initial price of $ 68,500. I show
an HSE test model without adding packages missing ten dollars to reach $ 74,000. On
the other end a Rover SVR starts at $ 114,500. As we mentioned before, there is a good
diversity of packages available that allow to improve the desired scenarios without
changing to a superior finish.

The neighborhood
There are several options to get a luxury SUV in this category. One of the best is the BMW X5, and
you can also consider the Mercedes GLS, Volvo XC90, Lexus GX, Audi Q7 or a Porsche Cayenne.

In summary
Combining wood, leather and other high quality materials in a way that could only be
British, the interior of this Range Rover is a “pampering” for its passengers and a good justification for
its high price. Although most Range Rover Sport will never put a tire off the
pavement, and rest quietly and safely every night isolated from the serene and cold, if things
get difficult, this luxury SUV is one of the best prepared to take it away. in difficult
terrain conditions.

Roger Rivero is an independent journalist, a member of NAHJ, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and
NWAPA, the Northwest Automobile Journalists Association. Vehicles are provided by
manufacturers as a loan for one week for review purposes. In no way do manufacturers control
the content of comments.