I read an article online stating that Latin Music is more popular than Country & EDM in America There has been a huge audience for Latin music in America for a very long time, and it has only increased with time.

As a DJ. growing up Latino. It is remarkable to see how far we have come. Taking over the mainstream, and setting the bar.

Many Mainstream acts like Justin Bieber, Drake, & Beyoncé have crossed over into the Latin market, making a mark on the charts.

Latin Trap is also exploding into the music scene; a lot of Hip-Hop acts have been collaborating with Latino artist as well.

For example: Post Malone collaborated with Nicky Jam & Ozuna for the Spanish remix of “Rockstar”. 6ix9ine has also been collaborating and crossing over into the Latin Market. 6ix9ine’s album features a songs with Latin Trap artist Anuel AA “Bebe & Mala” Have had a huge success in my personal opinion.

Even Meek Mill and Future have collaborated with Latin Trap artists and are pushing for a more mainstream sound.

The reason main why you see Latin Trap artists doing so well now is because streaming services now affect chart placement, and the streaming services as of now have not made any attempts to keep Latin music out of the mainstream.


When it comes to album consumption, Latin took a 9.4% share of 2018 market as the fifth-biggest genre examined. Hip-hop led the way 21.7% and pop, rock and R&B music followed. But Latin music now ranks ahead of country, which has 8.7% share of the market, and EDM albums, only with 3.9%.

The most watched video on YouTube of 2018 was the “Te Boté” remix, released in April, featuring Bad Bunny, Casper, Nicky Jam, Ozuna, Nio García and Darell.

What a time we live in! Definitely proud to be Latino. 2019 looks very promising for Spanish-language music hitting mainstream.